Lots from famous Ukrainians will be sold at auction in Canada

To help the 93rd brigade “Cold Yar”

Canadian charitable organization, Second Front Ukraine Foundation from Toronto, organized the First International Charity Online Auction.

Among the lots are boxing gloves signed by Vitali Klitschko, exclusive sandals from Tina Karol, wrestling leotards of Olympic champion Zhan Beleniuk, Sergey Babkin’s hat, Nastya Kamensky’s yellow dress, Yuri Gorbunov’s vyshyvanka, unique ONUKA vinyl and hoodie, DakhaBrakha autographed T-shirt, beloved duckling the most famous sapper of Ukraine dog Patron and many others. A total of 31 lots from well-known Ukrainians will be presented, and their initial cost will be from $100 to $500.

a lot from Vitali Klitschko – boxing gloves with an autograph
a lot from Yuri Gorbunov – vyshyvanka

Bidding started on August 15 and will last until the 23rd in real time on the OnlineAuction online platform. Everyone who wants to join and help Ukraine can place bets on their favorite lots and fight for them with Ukrainians from Canada, the USA, and Ukraine. All funds will be used to help the 93rd Kholodny Yar brigade, for which it is planning to purchase Starlink satellite communication stations and DJI industrial quadcopters. The organizers aim to raise at least 50 thousand Canadian dollars.

a lot from Zhan Beleniuk – sports leotards
a lot from Tina Karol – sandals

TOP-10 lots will be drawn at the official closing of the auction in Toronto on August 23, hosted by Vladimir Ostapchuk. The organizers will broadcast live on YouTube for Ukrainians who will place bets online.

More information can be found on the Second Front Ukraine Foundation website.

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