Lukashenko does not trust his special services and creates an additional security unit

The self-proclaimed president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, does not trust his own special services. He began to recruit his guards from the private security service.

“Against the background of information about the liquidation of the self-proclaimed president of Belarus, Lukashenko suspects his special services of possible treason. In particular, we are talking about the Belarusian KGB,” the Center for National Resistance report.

It is noted that the Belarusian dictator has formed a new bodyguard unit. It includes representatives of one of the country’s private security companies.

“According to the information of the Belarusian underground, this is the Guard Service company, which has already been entrusted with the task of forming a PMC to participate in the war against Ukrainians,” the message added.

Russia uses the territory of Belarus as a springboard for attacks on the territory of Ukraine and for training of the newly mobilized. The head of the State Border Service, Sergei Deineko, said there are about 11,000 Russian troops on the territory of Belarus now, but their number changes from time to time.

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