Mark Feygin: Russia wants to “freeze” the war, having received guarantees

According to the human rights activist, believing that the invaders will stop in the occupied territories is categorically impossible.

Russia is interested in “freezing” the war against Ukraine, as the occupiers need a serious “respite”.

Russian human rights activist Mark Feygin expressed this opinion on the air of Channel 24.

Now Moscow would very much like to transfer the conflict to a protracted stage, but with conditions and guarantees that the territories it has occupied will remain with it

Mark Feygin

According to Feigin, believing that the Russian Federation will stop in these territories is categorically impossible.

He is convinced that Ukraine is now in a somewhat better situation, and Moscow needs a “breather” more than Kyiv.

Feygin also expressed that 5 months is a massive period for the so-called “special operation”, which they presented as instantaneous. But, as the expert noted, Russians are being told that “everything is going according to plan” and “all tasks will be solved to the end”:

All this talk is necessary to “feed” the population with such an “analgesic” – that everything is fine, everything is fine. They cannot now convert their efforts into a large-scale military victory, and that is why they talk about it. And the population swallows everything.

Mark Feygin