Massive Russian strike on Ukraine: 73 of more than 90 cruise missiles shot down

For the massive launch of missiles, Russia used 14 Tu-95 bombers, some ships of the Black Sea Fleet and Iranian drones.

Ukrainian air defense forces shot down 73 of more than 90 enemy cruise missiles, as well as 10 Iranian drones, during a massive Russian strike.

The Command of the Air Force reports in Telegram that the invaders hit Ukraine with air and sea-based cruise missiles.

For the massive launch of missiles, Russia has attracted 14 Tu-95 strategic missile carriers, ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet and Iranian Shahed-136/131 kamikaze attack drones.

“In total, more than 90 missiles were fired: about 70 air-launched Kh-101 / Kh-555 cruise missiles from the north of the Caspian Sea and from the Volgodonsk region (Rostov Region), as well as about 20 sea-based Kalibr missiles from the Black Sea and 10 kamikaze drones,” the statement said.

According to preliminary data, the air defense destroyed 73 enemy cruise missiles and all 10 kamikaze drones.

The military emphasizes that the enemy continues to use high-precision weapons against Ukraine’s critical infrastructure. Also, as a result of rocket strikes, apartment buildings were also damaged.

  • On Tuesday, November 15, Russia carried out a massive three-wave missile launch into Ukrainian cities, targeting critical infrastructure.
  • In Kyiv, Russian rockets fell on high-rise buildings in the Pechersky district, dead.
  • The President’s Office called the situation “critical”.

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