Mateusz Morawiecki: If everyone helped Ukraine like Poland, the war would have already ended

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki believes that the West should help Ukraine more. He said this in an interview with El Mundo, answering whether he was satisfied that Germany finally allowed the transfer of Leopard tanks to Ukraine.

“I will be happy only after Ukraine’s victory over the Russian invaders,” he replied.

Morawiecki said that Poland has been putting pressure on European leaders from the very beginning, persuading them to increase aid to Ukraine and not limit themselves to a one-time supply of weapons and a few sanctions packages.

“Russia is a paper tiger, but still a tiger. You can’t scare it away with tanks alone. But if Putin sees that our determination is not weakening, he will eventually conclude that he cannot win this war,” said the Polish Prime Minister.

He added that Poland shows by its own actions how to help Ukraine: it handed over more than 200 tanks, Krab howitzers and Piorun MANPADS, thousands of ammunition, etc.

“We are not pointing fingers at others, but we are showing an example of how much can be done for Ukraine. If the largest European countries provided assistance to Ukraine on such a scale as Poland, this war would have already ended,” said Morawiecki.

If Europe does not support Ukraine, the very existence of Europe will be at stake, added the Polish Prime Minister.

“From Madrid to Kyiv lies a Europe that wants to live in peace. If we do not have the determination to protect one European country, our continent can become a besieged fortress for many years,” he said

If the West abandons Ukraine, sooner or later, the war will move to Berlin or Paris, Morawiecki is sure. He reminded that this is exactly what happened in 1939, when Europe did not help Poland.

Asked whether the specter of a third world war looms over Europe, Morawiecki replied: “We are considering every scenario.”

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