Medvedchuk testifies against Poroshenko. The Pipeline File

Source: Security Service of Ukraine

Direct speech

Most of these events are connected with the then-current President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, starting from 2014-2019. Naturally, this was always done at the request of Mr. Poroshenko. Can you imagine how many times I wanted to say – “No”?

I started to act with the pipeline at the request of Poroshenko. And if they told me that this is “Poroshenko’s pipe” (in Ukraine they used to say “Medvedchuk’s pipeline” – Ed.), it would be more suitable. Not because I want or I’m going to justify myself. I never make excuses in my life, and if there is a fact, I acknowledge it.

Yes, in 2016, when President Poroshenko asked me, considering my contacts and the attitude towards me among the leadership of the Russian Federation, about the purchase of a pipeline or Prykarpatzahidtrans LLC*, which owned this pipeline for the supply of diesel to Ukraine and Europe.

*Prykarpatzahidtrans Limited Liability Company is a private company with foreign investment that transports light petroleum products through Ukraine. It has a pipeline over 800 km long. It covers the territory of 6 regions of Ukraine and forms a single complex of production facilities.

He turned to me to talk to the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, so that Transneft (Joint Stock Company Transneft is a state-controlled pipeline transport company headquartered in Moscow, Russia- Ed.) could sell this pipeline. And in order to be able to buy this pipeline, as was found out later, by Mr. Poroshenko.

In order for this pipeline to become private property, and in fact, the property of Poroshenko himself, it was necessary to take a number of actions, starting with the involvement of the judicial system, which challenged this property as the property of TransNeft, and certain decisions were made. It should be mentioned that this is the property of Ukraine.

So, in order to enable TransNeft to sell this pipe, everything had to be done so that TransNeft would again own and decide on the sale of this pipeline.

And here, Mr. Poroshenko resolved all issues, both in the judicial system and in matters of administrative bodies, through the possibilities of the presidential office and administrative influence. The courts, the prosecutor’s office, the antimonopoly committee, the state property fund – they all made decisions that were necessary for the personal interests of President Poroshenko.

How much money did Mr. Poroshenko spend on buying a pipe? According to official figures – 23 million US dollars. The money was withdrawn through fictitious contracts. All these issues were controlled by his closest financial assistant, a specialist in these issues, Makar Paseniuk.

*Paseniuk Makar Yuryevich is an entrepreneur, investment banker, and managing partner of Investment Capital Ukraine (ICU).

The question arises: how much did the operating pipeline, which pumped diesel fuel to Ukraine, as well as to Western Europe, to Hungary, earn? In fact, for a year of work, from May 2018 to May 2019, the pipe made more than twice the amount of money that was paid for this pipeline.

Actually twice. If he paid 23 million dollars for the pipe, then his earnings were 41-42 million for the year. That is, it once again emphasizes that the administrative apparatus, the courts, the prosecutor’s office and other state bodies were involved by Poroshenko not in vain. The fact that it was him, who controlled the pumping of the diesel with a pipe is also evidenced by the fact that such pumping operations ceased in May 2019. That is, after the end of the presidential powers of Mr. Poroshenko.

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