Medvedchuk’s case was moved to the court

The case of Medvedchuk, suspected of treason, has already been completed at the SBI, and the indictment has been sent to court. This was reported in the press service of the SBI.

The ex-people’s deputy with another official from a political party, who is now on the wanted list, and Russian officials attempted to plunder national values: illegal oil and gas production on the Black Sea shelf in the region of the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea.

“Investigators of the State Bureau of Investigation have completed a pre-trial investigation in criminal proceedings on suspicion of the People’s Deputy of Ukraine from the political party “Opposition Platform – For Life” Viktor Medvedchuk of committing criminal offenses under Article 111 (“Treason”) and Article 438 (“Violation laws and customs of war”) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine,” the press service of the SBI noted.

In addition, Medvedchuk assisted Russia in carrying out subversive activities against Ukraine.

“He collected information about the places of deployment of military formations of Ukraine, conducting combat training events, assisted in attracting citizens of Ukraine to the implementation of measures to the detriment of the state to destabilize the socio-political situation,” the SBI stressed.

Viktor Medvedchuk faces imprisonment for up to fifteen years with confiscation of property.

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