Medvedev dreams of the collapse of Ukraine and showed a “map”

Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev published a map on which Ukraine does not exist, and its territories are part of other countries. Of course, most of Ukraine “belongs” to the Russian Federation.

The Dmitry Medvedev wrote about his fantasies in a telegram and showed a map.

On Medvedev’s imaginary map, Ukraine is “divided” between Russia, Poland, Romania and Hungary. Interestingly, he did not “leave” a single region of Ukraine to Belarus.

Thus, in his fantasies, all of eastern and southern Ukraine “belongs” to the Russian Federation, western – Poland, the northern “divided” between Russia and Poland, Hungary “would belong” to Uzhgorod, Romania – Chernivtsi, and Vinnytsia regions, and Ukraine “would develop” only from the Kyiv region.

According to Medvedev, this map was created by “Western analysts”, but he did not name ones.

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