Monument to Steve Jobs

The first monument to Steve Jobs in the CIS and the second monument in the world.

Address: 74/76 Novoselskogo street

“Thanks, Steve!”

The author of this unique monument, Kirill Maksimenko, worked on the sculptural composition for a little less than a year. He created his work from thousands parts of bicycles, motorcycles and cars, welded together.

Opening day

Two-meter sculpture weighs more than 200 kg. It is highlighted in the evening. Free Wi-Fi is available in the surrounding area. “Experts” claim that the transmitting device is hidden inside the “hand”. There is the Apple logo on the open palm. The author of the monument, Kiril Maksimenko, said that the idea of ​​creating a monument arose thanks to Steve’s habit of gesturing.

The sculpture was installed near the State Academy of Technical Quality Regulation hostel.

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