Mykhailo Fedorov: Security technologies are a new trend. Ukraine can become No. 1 

The full-scale war has opened digital Ukraine to the world. We are fighting against one of the largest armies in the world. Therefore, we are looking for solutions in technology that will allow us to defeat the enemy as soon as possible. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov during the Kyiv International Economic Forum.

“Now Ukraine is gaining experience in warfare, which the world has not seen since the World War II. However, in the new reality, we use completely different tools to fight. During these 9 months, we have learned to transform, combine, test and launch completely different technologies from different areas within the shortest possible time. Sometimes it takes not months but days from idea to implementation. After all, Ukraine needs really fast solutions,” said Mykhailo Fedorov.

The Minister spoke about development and use of technology during the war. The first is the digitalization of public services, which the team of the Ministry of Digital Transformation has adapted to the challenges of the new reality. For example, it launched services for IDPs, registration of damaged property in Diia, etc. The second is cybersecurity and data protection. During 9 months of full-scale war there was not a single information leak, and all systems continue to work.

Kyiv International Economic Forum (KIEF)

The third is the restoration of communication thanks to technology. Operators quickly restore communication in the de-occupied territories, despite constant missile attacks. Ukraine is already among the countries with the largest number of Starlinks. Now there are more than 22 thousand terminals that allow using high-speed Internet in any conditions. The fourth is the rapid development of military-tech as one of the priority areas that will be of interest to the whole world after the victory.

The Minister noted that now it is important to form a clear vision of the reconstruction and development of Ukraine. We must use the war as a chance for radical reforms and changes.

“Even before the full-scale war, we set ourselves the goal of building the most convenient state in terms of public services. Now we have another goal – to build the most innovative defense system. We use technology to defeat the enemy and protect people. Gov-tech and military-tech are the main trends now. These are the areas in which Ukraine can become No. 1 in the world,” said Mykhailo Fedorov.

Kyiv International Economic Forum (KIEF) is one of the largest international forums in Eastern Europe that brings together representatives of business, government and society to discuss key economic issues and global trends.

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