Mykola Solsky discussed the expansion of export routes through the countries of the European Union with the ministers of agriculture of Europe

Export routes of Ukrainian agricultural products through the countries of the European Union should become permanent and central. For this, the cost of transportation to European ports should become cheaper, and logistics at the border should be expanded.

This was emphasized by the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, Mykola Solsky, during a meeting with EU agriculture ministers within the framework of the EU Council on Agriculture and Fisheries meeting in Brussels.

The minister emphasized that in the conditions of rising food prices, increasing inflation, and escalation of hostilities on the territory of Ukraine on the part of Russia, Europe should be ready for difficulties with the sea route. Therefore, it is necessary to more actively develop the export routes of Ukrainian agricultural products through the EU countries.

“Yes, Ukraine is counting on the support of the EU in constructing a complex of terminals and a pipeline for vegetable oils and grain transshipment terminals. Each such terminal will be able to provide transportation of up to 2 million tons per year,” said Mykola Solsky.

In addition, Ukraine offers the EU to define routes and timetables for Ukrainian grain wagons through the territories of Poland and Germany to the Polish port of Gdansk and the German ports of Rostock and Hamburg.

And to solve the problem of the lack of railway rolling stock and trucks for grain transportation in the EU countries, providing subsidies for their production in the amount of up to 50% will allow. The goal is to transport up to 10 million tons of grain annually, the Minister summarized.

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