Record: the champion of Ukraine flew over the Carpathians on a hot air balloon

Ukrainian aeronautics champion Valentyn Shcheniavskyi crossed the Carpathian ridges on a hot air balloon and set a record. This was reported in the press service of the Book of Records of Ukraine.

The idea to fly over the Carpathians in a hot air balloon originated a long time ago, but every year it was rooted in the heart of a dream until it became a reality.

The flight took place on February 2, 2021. Preparations for the flight took several months, as it was necessary to pave the route and wait for ideal weather conditions with the “right wind”. Because they had to fly from Transcarpathia to Prykarpattia in the south-western direction of the wind at a speed of at least 10 meters per second at an altitude of 2000-2500 meters. It is better to fly such distances in winter, in fact, this is another reason for long training.

The starting point is the village of Bronky in the Zakarpattia region. According to the forecast, the flight could last 5-6 hours, but a team of professional aerobatics led by Valentyn managed in 2.5 hours. We flew, so to speak, with the wind, because from time to time the bullet gained speed up to 70 kilometers per hour.

“Fly through all the Carpathians in a balloon? But it is impossible! ” – so we were told. But an interesting idea ignites.

Valentyn Shcheniavskyi

Flying over the snow-capped mountains of Mezhyhirya, Maidan, Torun, Vyshkov, Myslivka and Shevchenkov, it was breathtaking not only from the incredible landscapes, but also from the goal that Valentin set for himself – to cross the Carpathians. The balloon landed in the village of Grabiv, Ivano-Frankovsk region, flying about 90 km.

The record was recorded by the Book of Records of Ukraine, taking into account the evidence base, namely: GPS tracks, photos and videos from a balloon with tags. Category: “Travel, for the first time”.

In total, the flight took three hours and we did 90 km in a straight line. Everyone is happy and satisfied. Local children from the school immediately ran to the bullet. The open lesson was a success. And we transferred the flight data to the Book of Records of Ukraine.

Valentyn Shcheniavskyi

Valentyn Shcheniavskyi became the first aeronaut to cross the Ukrainian Carpathians in a hot air balloon.