NEST Modular houses. Sergey Prytula launches a new large-scale project

From the start of the full-scale invasion of russia, thousands of Ukrainian families were forced to leave their homes to avoid occupation, humiliation, torture, and death. The russians spare no one, mercilessly bombing villages and cities.

So now the people in the de-occupied territories face a problem: there’s land, but there’s no longer a house. It is destroyed, burned, crushed by tanks, and robbed.

People have nowhere to return because it can take years to restore a destroyed home or build a new one. But our people want to rebuild their nests. They want to be back on their land, their gardens, their apple and cherry orchards; the place where they lived many happy years, where their children were born, and where their ancestors are buried.

Ukrainians want to work and rebuild their country.

The Humanitarian Headquarters of the Serhiy Prytula Charitable Foundation is launching NEST, an aid project for Ukrainians whose private homes have been completely destroyed as a result of shelling by the Russian army. The goal is to return Ukrainian families home, to help restore their family “nest” on their native land – to build a temporary mobile home.

The project creates an opportunity for these Ukrainians to come back home – to get a temporary mobile house at their land plot.

About the Nests

  • Minimal space per person is 6 square meters
  • Variability of space and configuration options depending on the family composition
  • Possibility to install the mobile house without foundation
  • Maximum prefabrication before delivery to the land plot
  • All-season operation between -15 +30°C
  • Usage time of min. 5 year

Adittional preferences

  • Utilities:
  • water supply, sewerage, heating, ventilation, electricity, Internet
  • Optional independence of utilities
  • Obligatory preservation of the features in case of recurring use
  • Ecological and durable materials
  • Scope of supply:
  • external and internal equipment, plumbing and electrical equipment, lighting equipment, furniture
  • Potential scaling of production to 500 houses per month

The NEST initiative allows people to get a temporary mobile home for free and install it on their own property. This is an opportunity to be at home and live in decent, comfortable conditions with your relatives while the destroyed family home is being restored.

The project was already started in the village Makarov, Kyiv region. The first such house already stands on the Kirilenko family’s plot: a five-module house with three bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. The family moved in on July 31st. Funds for it were raised by American schoolchildren from Idaho.

Photo novy.tv
Photo novy.tv

One module costs USD 5000; the number of modules may vary depending on the size of the family. It is planned to build as many houses as it can to attract donations. Fundraising for providing families with a “nests” begins on August 2, 2022. Join!

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