New ferry from Romania to Odessa region and other ferry connections on the Dnieper river.

The company NAVROM BAC SRL (Romania) has completed an international ferry point at the crossing of the Romanian-Ukrainian border between Isakcia and Orlovka.

As reported by the Department of Transport and Communication Infrastructure of the Odessa State Administration (RSA), the project amounted to 6,9 million lei. European Union co-financed the project with 4,6 lei.

Ferry launch dates depend on the Romanian side. The Ukrainian territory is almost fully operational. In 2019, LLC “Ferry Complex Orlovka” completed work on the construction of buildings, premises, access roads.

Also Greece is preparing to deliver tourists by ferries. According to the Minister of Shipping of Greece, Yannis Plakiotakis, ferries will be activated as soon as the flow of tourists begins, since, unlike airports, seaports have not stopped their activities.

As far as Ukraine river ferries are concerned, the Azovye passenger-cargo boat will run from the Kamenka-Dneprovskaya pier to the Nikopol port and back, linking the two banks of Dnieper river. Thus, it will be possible to get from Zaporozhye to Dnepropetrovsk region (or in the opposite direction) by water.