New transport gallery at the Odessa Port Plant.

Odessa Port Plant repairs the transport gallery of the urea transshipment shop.

Odessa Port Plant (OPP) is a leading Ukrainian nitrogen fertilizer producer and transshipment company benefiting from its advantageous location on the Black Sea coastline. The company was established in 1974 as a part of a USSR-wide programme of fertilizer plant construction. Accounts for 23% of urea and 18% of ammonia production capacity in Ukraine making it the largest producer of urea in the country and the second largest producer of ammonia. The Plant also does the transshipping of products made by other enterprises such as: ammonia, urea, methanol, and UAN. These products come to OPP transshipment terminals by railway or through a 2471 km long pipeline Togliatti-Gorlovka-Odessa.

JSC “Odessa Port Plant” (OPP) repairs the transport gallery of the urea reloading shop. Without this facility it’s impossible to ship chemicals for export. Conveyor belts with urea pass through it from storage to the ship loader. Metal wear in some areas of the facility has reportedly reached a 40-year limit.

Replacement of metal longitudinal beams, flooring and other elements of the gallery on a 30-meter section is currently underway. The work is carried out by the workshop employees on their own. Next year, it is planned to renovate another 400 meters of the gallery.

Conveyor belts with urea pass through the transport gallery from the storage facility to shiploaders, the press service recalled.

Odessa Port Plant specializes in the production of ammonia, urea and other chemical products. The plant is also involved in the transshipment of ammonia (the annual capacity of the transshipment complex is 4 million tons), urea (3.6 million tons) and methanol (1 million tons). Chemical products from third-party manufacturers are delivered to the transshipment complexes of the plant via the railroad and the Togliatti-Gorlovka-Odessa ammonia pipeline with a length of 2,417 thousand kilometers. The State corporate rights of the IPP are managed by the State Property Fund.

In 2019, the enterprise increased the transshipment of ammonia for export by 2.2 times, up to 2.55 million tons (of which 18.6 thousand tons of its own production), urea almost fourfold, to 352.3 thousand tons (of which 288.5 thousand tons of its own production).

Source: Ports.Ua, OPP Facebook page

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