Notorious pro-Russian blogger Kuleshov was killed in Kherson

A well-known pro-Russian activist and blogger, Valery Kuleshov, was killed in Kherson.

This was reported by local public and confirmed by the leader of the local National Corps, Nikita Tyutyunnik. Friends of the deceased later confirmed the information.

It is noted that the man was shot on Wednesday at about 8:15, April 20 in a car near his entrance in the Shumen microdistrict

It is known that Kuleshov worked in the police until 2015 and had the status of a participant in the ATO. Starting in 2016, he began to develop social networks actively and began working with the pro-Russian trickster and conspiracy theorist Kirill Stremousov. Until 2019, Kuleshov and Stremosusov actively worked in pairs, organizing political provocations.


Since 2019, they have pointedly distanced themselves after a joint flight to China for a “bloggers’ convention”, but continued to maintain contacts, and in the summer of 2021 they both threatened a local journalist.

From the beginning of the war, Kuleshov broadcast live from the battlefields, and after the Russians occupied Kherson, he began a volunteer career, choosing Igor Kolikhaev as his party headquarters.
After the capture of Kherson by the Russians, he began a volunteer career, choosing as his headquarters the former office of Igor Kolikhayev’s party “We live here”. The invaders, unlike other volunteers, did not touch him.

There are speculations that Kuleshov played the role of an activist and leader of public opinion in Kherson.

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