Occupants beat and broke the spine of a 70-year-old volunteer from Kherson due to her refusal to hand over her passport

In temporarily occupied Kherson, Russians severely beat and broke the spine of 70-year-old volunteer and journalist Tatyana Antonyuk when the woman tried to leave the city and did not want to give up her Ukrainian passport.

The First Medical Association of Lviv reported this.

Until May, Tatyana categorically refused to leave the occupied Kherson. She agreed to leave only after the persuasion of her husband, who is fighting in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and was very worried about her safety.

Semi-conscious, with a spine fracture, 70-year-old Tatyana Antonyuk was barely able to get into the car and escape from the enemy checkpoint. For more than a month, the woman has been in our hospital of St. Luke of the First Medical Association of Lviv.

First Medical Association of Lviv

The car, which the woman used to leave with her neighbours, was stopped at an enemy checkpoint. The occupiers took away all their valuables. When Tatyana refused to hand over her Ukrainian passport – this was her principled position as a Ukrainian – they began to beat her. She miraculously managed to escape.

She reached Lviv in a serious condition by evacuation train, where she was hospitalized in the Hospital of St. Luke. The examination showed a fracture of the spine and severe bruising of the head. The woman partially lost her hearing and could not move without assistance.

For Tatyana to walk, our neurosurgeons had to perform complex vertebroplasty, that is, to introduce special bone cement into the broken area.

First Medical Association of Lviv

The operation was successful. Kherson resident Tatyana is already rising from the bed and is resolute.

He says: he won’t be treated for a long time, because there is no time to lie down – you need to volunteer!

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