Odesa Film Studio has completed the production of an international project

Even in dark times, Odesa Film Studio continue to do what they can – make movies!
Production of the Ukrainian-Serbian co-production “Two Truths” has finished.

“After a stroke that erased the memories of his life, 52-year-old Maidens is trying to partially recreate the fragments of his biography. Isolated during quarantine, he reflects on the disorienting pieces of modern life that he learns from the Internet. Naive, relentlessly searching for the truth, he waits for an answer from his old friend, hoping to recover his memory before and after the Balkan War. His efforts culminate in a revelation that shatters his notions of truth, justice, and morality.”

Production: Odesa Film Production
Director: Enver Pushka
Screenwriter: Enver Pushka
Producers: Enver Pushka, Saria Shenderovych, Andriy Osipov, Anna Docheva
Creative producer: Bata Nedych
Actors: Enver Pushka, Jasmin Geljo

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