Odessa International Violin Competition 2021

The Odessa International Violin Competition will be held from 7 to 13 May 2021. This year competition is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the outstanding violin professor Pyotr Stolyarsky, whose students brought world recognition to the Odessa violin school.

The formation of violin music education in Odessa is closely linked to the activities of the outstanding violin teacher Peter Stolyarsky.

The educational experience of Stolyarsky yielded brilliant results. His students, in particular David Oistrakh, Boris Goldstein, Nathan Milstein, Elizabeth Gilels, Michael Fichtenholz brought the Odessa violin school international recognition.

Taking into account such a rich history, the emergence of the Odessa International Violin Competition has become an important event in the cultural life of the city, which can rightfully be considered the cradle of violin performing art and one of the largest cultural centers in Eastern Europe.

The competition is open to young violinists from all countries and provides a unique opportunity to get a start in a great creative life in the homeland of musicians whose names are written in golden letters in the world history of classical music.

Meet the Participants

24 violinists from all over the world have been selected to participate in the next Odessa International Violin Competition 2021:

  • Adam Suska (Poland)
  • Anna Tanaka (Japan)
  • Bohdan Shalyha (Ukraine)
  • Brieuc Vourch (France)
  • Carter Coleman (USA)
  • David Horvat (Netherlands)
  • David Moosmann (Germany)
  • Dmytro Udovychenko (Ukraine)
  • Eimi Wakui (Japan)
  • Gayoung Shin (Republic of Korea)
  • Hawijch Elders (Netherlands)
  • Jakow Pavlenko (Ukraine)
  • Jelin Lee (Republic of Korea)
  • Jevgēnijs Čepoveckis (Latvia)
  • Laura Katherina Handler (Germany)
  • Luka Ispir (France)
  • Maria Ioudenitch (USA)
  • Mikhail Usov (Russia)
  • Miquel Muñiz-Galdon (Spain)
  • Oksana Butrynska (Ukraine)
  • Petre Abraham Smeu (Romania)
  • Sofiia Yakovenko (Ukraine)
  • Vassily Chmykov (France)
  • Yuriko Takemoto (Japan)

Meet the Jury

Valeriy Sokolov

(Ukraine) Chairman of the jury

Alissa Margulis


Andrii Murza


Daniel Austrich


Aleksey Semenenko


David Wong


Andrej Bielow


Diana Tishchenko


Hobart Earle



1 prize — 3 000 euro * and violin made by Myroslav and Orest Putsentela.
2 prize — 2 000 euro *
3 prize — 1 000 euro *
* Prizes are paid in UAH at the NBU rate as of April 30, 2020. According to the legislation of Ukraine, an income tax of 18% and a military levy of 1.5% will be withheld from the amount of remuneration.
UAH — Ukrainian Hrivna,
NBU — National Bank of Ukraine.

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