Odesa Photo Days 2021: “Breaking the Wall”

Due to the difficult epidemic situation in Ukraine, the Odessa Photo Days Festival will take place on May 21-23, 2021 in Odessa.

Main photo: Kirill Golovchenko, Out of the Blue series

The organisers hope that in a month the situation will get better, and the incidence will decrease, so that our guests can visit the festival safely. All the planned events will take place on May 21-23 open air, or in the big spaces observing safety measures.

The fourth wall in the theory of performative arts is an invisible border between a viewer, recipient and performance space. This line clearly separates an imaginary world from reality, truth from fantasy. In the late 19th and early 20th century, playwrights challenged the concept developing in the long run a popular method — ‘breaking the fourth wall’, where a character addresses the audience and thus accentuates illusion or, on the contrary, questions reality.

The 3 days of Odesa Photo Days 2021 is:

  • the main exhibition “Who Is Next to You” for which we have been waiting since 2020;
  • an evening screening of world contemporary photography on interesting locations;
  • screening of the finalists of the first open call Female Ukrainian Photographers with the historical part about Ukrainian photography + similar selection from Bristol Photo Festival;
  • screening of the finalists of the fourth open call for Ukrainian teenagers Future Photo Days;
  • presentation of photo projects in the Open Mic format and more!

The main exhibition “Who Is Next To You?” was formed last year and will be exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art of Odesa. Today the question “Who is next to you?” acquired additional anxiety: we became afraid of physical proximity even more than before the pandemic, which deepened the gap between people that already exists. Ten artists from seven countries, including three from Ukraine, will participate in it.

Elena Subach, Lamkist

Participants of the main exhibition Odesa Photo Days 2021:

The participants were selected by the international jury: Verena Kaspar-Eisert (Austria), Andrei Liankevich (Belarus), Tracy Marshall (Great Britain), Paul di Felice (Luxemburg).

Kirill Golovchenko, Out of the Blue

The 2021 programme also includes the exhibition “Zapping the Archive” by the international research platform PH Room that was scheduled to open last year at the Municipal Museum of Private Collections named after Bleshchunov. Curatorial project by Darius Vaičekauskas “Lost Time” (Lithuania) will be opened at the Invogue Art Gallery. As part of the Odesa Photo Days Festival 2021, it is also planned to open two more exhibitions, including in the public space of the city.

Katarzyna and Marianne Wasowska, Waiting for the snow

During the evening photo screenings, in addition to curatorial selections from international partners, the results of two all-Ukrainian open calls will be presented — the fourth Ukrainian photo contest for teenagers Future Photo Days, as well as the first-time announced Female Ukrainian Photography.

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