Odessa and Yokohama agreed to cooperate for the recovery after war

The mayor of Odessa Gennadiy Trukhanov completed his long journey in Japan in the most difficult time for Ukraine to visit for the first time the sister city of Yokohama and ask for its continued support in rebuilding his city’s damaged infrastructure.

Trukhanov signed a memorandum with Yokohama Mayor Takeharu Yamanaka to cooperate for the reconstruction of Ukrainian infrastructure destroyed by Russia’s invasion. The two cities agreed in the memorandum that the Japanese city will provide technical cooperation to restore water, sewage and electricity facilities, as well as roads and other infrastructure, in Odessa and its surrounding areas severely damaged by the war. The Odessa mayor said he hopes Yokohama will provide support with its expertise, experience and excellent technology.

Trukhanov also gave a speech at the city assembly chamber to express his gratitude for Yokohama’s support and his determination not to yield to Russia’s aggression. He stressed that such support and solidarity will bring about victory for his nation, the biggest goal for Ukraine, drawing loud cheers from assembly members. He condemned Russia, saying that the occupier brought pain, destruction and death to his land.

Gennadiy Trukhanov met with Yokohama Mayor for the first time on March 16. Since the outbreak of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the Yokohama Municipal Government has held online discussions with Odessa officials, and provided water purification equipment and warm clothing. A total of some 45 million yen (roughly $337,000) in donations and contributions from Yokohama citizens have been sent to Odessa.

Odessa is in a difficult situation, and we would like to continue providing assistance.

Takeharu Yamanaka, Mayor of Yokohama

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