Odessa architects presented a new concept of the bridge on the Dniester estuary

The new concept of a road bridge across the Dniester estuary was recently handed over to the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine. The architect took as an example the well-known Oresund overpass bridge linking Denmark and Sweden.

The author of the pre-design concept is Vladimir Khalin, chairman of the Association of Architects of Odessa, and the initiators were the city authorities of Akkerman and the leadership of the Belgorod-Dnestrovsky port, which in this way is trying to raise its investment attractiveness on the eve of the planned privatisation.

The new option is the cheapest, since it takes into account both shipping and land logistics within the framework of the Odessa-Reni multimodal corridor. In addition, the new Odessa-Reni road will have a successful transport interchange and will pass through places where it is not necessary to buy out enterprises and territories.

The bridge will pass in the narrowest part of the estuary. Its length will be only 4295 meters. But more importantly, we proposed to locate it higher than the existing port so as not to obstruct the water area. This significantly reduces the cost of construction, because there is no need to build large spans necessary for shipping.

Vladimir Khalin

The capacity of the bridge will be 40 thousand cars per day, and the distance from the ancient Akkerman to the regional center will be reduced by 36 km. The average height of the bridge will be 12.5 meters, the navigable girder will be 15 meters high and 100 meters wide. A yacht club is planned to be built to the south of the bridge.

The construction of one running kilometer of an overpass bridge costs on average from 20 to 30 million dollars. This is five to six times cheaper than large-span arched or cable-stayed bridges. In my project there is no need to enter the territory occupied by enterprises or residential buildings. A new railway crossing will be built there in the near future, and it will be possible to directly contact the future road to bypass Belgorod-Dnestrovsky.

Vladimir Khalin

Moreover, the author of the concept proposes to launch a high-voltage line across the bridge for Bessarabia, which is now planned to be mounted on poles across the territory of the Lower Dniester Natural Park.

Khalin noted that the topic of building the Dniester bridge has been discussed for a long time. Now, there is a bridge in Zatoka, which is in poor condition. It was built in the 60s and is in need of renovation. And the bridge in Mayaki, built over 30 years ago and already repaired several times.