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Main Diplomacy Where to: Drink Wine in Odessa


Where to: Drink Wine in Odessa

Where to: Drink Wine in Odessa

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If you find yourself heading to Odessa, wandering hidden streets, courtyards and discovering secret wine spots is, of course, the thing to do. 

In Odessa, the wine bars are as diverse as the wine itself. There are wine shops that double as wine bars, where you can purchase bottles to go but also drink bottles on the spot. 

There are restaurants with accompanying wine bars perfect for indulging in a bottle or three, marrying the pleasure of creative culinary nibbles with restaurant-quality wine lists.  Here are a few local spots to get you started.

Bernardazzi restaurant

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In 2012 they have achieved a «Best of Award of Excellence» (2 glasses) from a world famous wine magazine - Wine Spectator and by the end of summer 2013 and 2014 have confirmed the status of the restaurant with one of the most outstanding wine lists in the world. There are three awards hanging near our wine cellar right now, we're very proud of it. In general «Best of Award of Excellence» was given to 876 restaurants around the world last year. In Ukraine - there's only one and it's in Odessa.

Wine and food tastings often take place at Bernardazzi. A cosy ambiance of the restaurant's inner yard is one of the most exciting attraction in Odessa. Guests of our restaurant that come from all around the world say: "If you haven't been at the Bernardazzi's summer terrace, you haven't been in Odessa".


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Dizyngoff, named after the public figure who lived in Odessa and the first mayor of Tel Aviv, Meir Dizengoff, is suitable for both a sleepy breakfast and wine gatherings in the company. The menu is constantly updated, in the assortment you can find completely different positions: from hummus and calf cheeks to duck ramen.

The wine list is constantly updated by local and world wines.

Nonna Letizia

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The interior is designes in a classic style - warm beige shades, furniture and decoration made of dark wood, black and white photographs on the walls. The restaurant's menu has traditional Italian cuisine of the 50s, 60s, 70s with more innovative and experimental offers from the chef Roberto Armaroli.

You can complement a delicious meal with delicious from and excellent wine list. One glass, half bottle or full bottles - the selection of wines is impressive. The restaurant was among the finalists of the "SALT 2019" National Restaurant Award, in the category of “Best Restaurant of National Cuisine”.


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Fratelli is a restaurant that focuses on food and wine. He sets an ambitious goal - to contribute to the development of the gastronomic culture of Odessa, to introduce to the guests an amazing Italian dishes and set a new level of quality for other restaurants in the city.

Here they love, respect, store wine correctly, conduct tastings dedicated to the harmonious combination of food and wine, and also arrange real Sunday brunches. Here you can often hear communication in different languages ​​- foreigners love Fratelli for its compliance with the best European standards.

Sparkling Wine Gallery

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The one and only sparkling wine bar in Odessa! The menu includes wines, sparkling and still, cocktails, aperitifs, digestifs, cheese and meat plates, Dolbneff pate, bruschettas with confit tomatoes. Sparkling wine gallery hosts small tastings on Thursdays.

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