Odessa artist: The Seasons of Albin Gavdzinsky

On February 11 at the World Club of Odessites the exhibition “The Seasons of Albin Gavdzinsky” will open.

Albin Gavdzinsky was born on July 4, 1923 in the village of Bobrik, Lyubashevsky district, Odessa region. During his long, interesting and bright career, he was awarded many times with various awards and titles of varying degrees.

The master is an honoured artist of Ukraine. He professionally knew how to depict this world with all its changes and beauty, with all its seemingly ordinary manifestations, demonstrating all the finest that an artist can depict on his canvas – life.

Not everyone can convey all the natural beauty of the steppe South of Ukraine so refined and colourfully. His works are light, with a refined brushstroke technique, freshness and compositional ideas are felt in them.

In each work is shown the brilliant virtuosity of the master of the brush and the enchanting energy of a light and kind person are amazingly merged.

The artist left behind a huge creative legacy, most of which was distributed throughout the world during the author’s lifetime. Winter landscapes of Sednev and the Black Sea coast, views of summer Odessa and snow-covered parks, autumn and spring Crimean motifs, plein-air sketches of London and Krakow, Kyiv and Wroclaw, Canadian and German towns have become an adornment of private collections in Japan, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, USA, Canada, Israel, Poland and other countries.

In 1961 he was awarded the title of Honorary Citizen of the city of New Kakhovka. All painted canvases (237 in total) the artist donated to the city, where they became the basis for the creation of the city art gallery. In 2003, the art gallery of Novaya Kakhovka was named after Albin Gavdzinsky.

Albin Gavdzinsky is one of the galaxy of those artists who reveal to us the secrets of painting and immerse us in the enchanting world of art; he can be confidently called one of the best followers of South Russian impressionism.