Odessa athletes won five medals at the Ukrainian athletics championships

Five medals, two of which gold ones, were won by athletes from the Odessa region at the athletics championships of Ukraine.

The press service of the regional branch of the National Olympic Committee reported that at the national championship among youths born in 2006-2007, which took place in Kyiv, Odessa athletes received four medals: two gold, one silver and one bronze.

One Gold was brought by sprinting. Andrey Kosoverov (in the picture), a 14-year-old pupil of the Dynamo Sports School, became the champion at 60 meters. He was two hundredths of a second ahead of his two main competitors: the champion – 7.38 s, the rivals – 7.40.

His peer Sergey Sapetchenkov, whose trainer is the famous in the past athlete Aelita Yurchenko and represents the regional sports school, finished first at a distance of 200 meters with a personal record of 24.20 seconds. The closest pursuer was eight hundredths of a second behind.

The silver medal was won in the triple jump by 14-year-old dynamo Ekaterina Khapova, also with a personal best – 10 m 88 cm.

In the high jump, another Dynamo student Ksenia Pankova became the bronze medalist, who showed the result of 1 m 55 cm.

20-year-old sportsman from Chernomorsk Mark Kuznetsov, who represents the regional sports school, won a silver medal at the Ukrainian Throwing Championship, which was held in Lutsk. He became the second in discus throw (48 m 31 cm).

Source and picture: Dumnskaya.net

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