Odessa Bicycle Parade

Odessa Bicycle Parade is a holiday in support of the development of cycling culture, a large-scale cycling event in Ukraine and a community of people who choose an active lifestyle and alternative transport.

This time the Bicycle Parade will be held on the first summer day on June 01.

Route: Opera House -> Bolshaya Arnautskaya street -> Ekaterininskaya street -> Duke de Richelieu Monument -> Dumskaya Square.

Start at 12:00

Participation in the Bicycle Parade is free and voluntary.

It is strictly forbidden to participate in a state of alcoholic intoxication, as well as drinking alcoholic beverages. The organising committee recommends to leave stabbing and cutting objects and gas cylinders at home in order to avoid misunderstandings.

Any kind of campaigning, the use of political slogans and symbols are prohibited at the event.

Also, any flags, distribution of any products and the participation of teams in uniforms are prohibited.

The event is not a sports race. Please do not overtake each other and follow with the general speed of the convoy. The average speed of movement will not exceed 14-15 km / h, if this speed is low for you, please refrain from participating in the bike parade.

Transportation of children under 7 years old, in accordance with the current traffic rules, is allowed only in specially equipped places for them.

Please check your bike at home before leaving for Bicycle Parade. If you have a breakdown and are unable to continue driving, carefully step back onto the sidewalk.