Odessa Regional Clinical Hospital received humanitarian aid from the Rotary Club and the Port of Yuzhny

On June 7, the Rotary Club Ukraine and the Commercial Sea Port of Yuzhny have teamed up to donate medical supplies. Together, they worked to deliver much-needed medicines and medical equipment to treat the hospital’s patients.

Health is the most important value, the basis of a full life. This is everyone’s right, but unfortunately not always an opportunity. Many people do not have it and they need help.

Right now, when the Odessa Regional Hospital felt an acute need for drugs, especially anesthetics, antibiotics, blood products, they received them. There were also delivered medical devices that are necessary for the care of patients in the intensive care unit and orthopedic and trauma department.

We express our sincere gratitude to Vasyl Polonsky, a member of the Lviv Rotary Club Ukraine Unity, Ugo Poletti, co-founder of Rotary Club Odessa International, and Oleksandr Oliynyk, head of the Yuzhny Port Administration, for their help in favour of sick people. Every life saved is priceless, and your participation in it is of great importance,” said Svitlana Platovska, Medical Director of Nursing, Odessa Regional Clinical Hospital.

About the donors:

Rotary is an international voluntary club organisation that brings together 1.2 million members from around the world who solve a variety of problems and create lasting positive change.

Yuzhny Sea Commercial Port is a state-owned stevedoring company that brought together a large team of volunteers to help people.

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