Odessa region establishes multivector cooperation with Chinese provinces

The head of the Odessa regional state administration Serhii Hrynevetskyi met with the head of the “Association of Chinese Businessmen” Qu Bo.

At the beginning of the conversation, Serhii Hrynevetskyi noted that today the regional state administration is intensifying bilateral cooperation between the Odessa region and the provinces of China. In particular, a number of documents between the regional state administration and the government of Jiangxi Province were signed online in July this year, and an agreement was reached to deepen cooperation and organise the exchange of delegations after the quarantine restrictions were lifted.

“Recently, we received a proposal from the International Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Hainan Province to establish bilateral cooperation, organise bilateral exchanges and conclude bilateral documents. At the same time, active work is underway to prepare for the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Odessa Regional State Administration and the Government of Hainan Province,” said Serhii Hrynevetskyi.

In turn, the chairman of the NGO “Association of Chinese Businessmen,” Qu Bo told the head of Odessa regional state administration that Hainan Province is located in southern China and this tropical resort has brought the country this year 60 billion yuan (about $ 9.26 billion). And 30 years ago, the island, now called “East Hawaii”, was a remote and deaf place.

In 1988, Hainan acquired the status of a province and became a special economic zone. After that, the province embarked on a path of dynamic development. New bridges, airports, high-speed highways were built, thanks to which backward settlements became the most modern cities. And over the past three years, Hainan’s free trade port has seen a boom in foreign investment. Today, the island is one of the symbols of Chinese development in the policy of reform and openness.

“China is Ukraine’s largest trading partner. Total trade grew from 2% of Ukrainian GDP in 2001 to 11% in 2020. Even today, many Chinese businessmen are interested in increasing cooperation with Ukrainian businesses and investing in Ukraine. Especially since the Law on the Free Economic Zone on Hainan Island was adopted in June this year, Qu Bo said.

Serhii Hrynevetskyi added that representatives of the regional authorities invite investors to the Odessa region at almost all international meetings devoted to economic issues.

“Odessa region is of interest among many investors due to its geographical location, proximity to the European Union across the Danube, and significant economic potential. Industry and the agricultural sector are actively developing in the region. In addition, we pay considerable attention to the development of alternative energy, the food processing industry, and the creation of industrial parks. Therefore, we are interested in cooperation with the provinces of China in various fields,” Serhii Hrynevetskyi stressed.

The issues of cultural exchanges, the organization of promotional tours for businessmen, as well as participation in economic forums and trade fairs were also discussed during the meeting.

“Odessa region has many advantages and great potential in various fields, so cooperation between the Odessa Regional State Administration and the governments of several provinces of China will promote mutual growth. Traditions and culture of different peoples are closely intertwined in Odesa region, it is a multinational and tolerant region. In addition, we pay a lot of attention to education, so we hope for cooperation in the field of education,” said the head of the Odessa Regional State Administration.

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