Odessans celebrate Orthodox Epiphany with a plunge into the Black Sea icy waters

Brutal frost, walruses and national guards: Orthodox Epiphany bathing took place on Lanzheron beach. The temperature of Black Sea water was +4 degrees and the air -12.

Extreme temperatures did not frighten the inhabitants of Odessa, who fell in love with Epiphany bathing. Since midnight, the Odessans plunged into the chilly sea waters of the post office on all the beaches of Odessa. Traditionally, the majority of people gather at three points, where the city authorities and rescuers organised everything necessary for safe swimming: on Lanzheron beach, the Gold Coast and in Luzanovka.

On Lanzheron beach there were ten tents at the service of Odessa residents, in which you could change: some were installed by commercial organisations as advertising, some by rescuers and the National Guard.

Hot tea or mulled wine were enjoyed on the beach. Some Odessans changed clothes right on the sand, after leaving the water there are several minutes until the body suffers the cold.

At 11:00 am, after the traditional prayer service, the servicemen of the 3014 National Guard plunged in.

In addition to people who test their bodies for strength once a year, there were also professional walruses. A merry team ran into the water and splashed, as if in summer, the members of the Odessa Walruses group. And well-known athletes, participants in ice swimming, the President of the Danube Walrus Association Ivan Papushenko and his colleague Alexander Zelenetsky swam along the coast from pier to pier for almost half an hour.

Source and pictures: Dumskaya.net

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