Odessa’s New Year and Christmas holidays. Dates

Like all Ukraine residents, the first long weekend awaits Odessans on Catholic Christmas, which is celebrated on December 25. The working day preceding the holiday – Friday, December 24 – will be shortened. The holiday falls on Saturday so that Monday will be closed. Thus, there are three days off on Catholic Christmas 2021:

  • December 25 (Saturday);
  • December 26 (Sunday);
  • December 27 (Monday).

The next long weekend is for New Year 2022. December 31, which falls on Friday, is a working day in Ukraine, but a short one (till 4 pm). January 1st falls on Saturday, so Monday is a day off. On New Year’s Eve, Odessans will also have a rest for three days:

  • January 1 (Saturday);
  • January 2 (Sunday);
  • January 3 (Monday).

There will be three working days in the first week of January: January 4-6. Moreover, January 6 will be a shortened day. And on Christmas, three days off again:

  • January 7 (Friday);
  • January 8 (Saturday);
  • January 9 (Sunday).