Oleg Zhdanov gave a forecast on the situation around the Zaporizhzhia NPP

The military expert believes that the Armed Forces of Ukraine cannot yet strike to dislodge the invaders from the station.

Military expert, Oleg Zhdanov, said that the occupiers continue to destroy the last substation at the ZNPP, which still feeds our networks. He spoke about this on his YouTube channel.

According to him, the Armed Forces of Ukraine cannot strike to dislodge the invaders from the station, and there are several reasons for this.

“We can’t get there yet – this is the time. The station still feeds our networks and is certified by the IAEA as a Ukrainian station. But in fact, the Russian administration is located at the Zaporizhzhya NPP. The leadership of Russia is located there. Remember what they did first at the station – they laid siege to four reactors at once to reduce power. Then, as a result of hostilities, the substation was destroyed – two of the three lines leaving the station. They continued to reduce the reactors’ power, arguing that there was nowhere to put electricity,” Zhdanov said.

He added that the invaders continue slowly destroying the last substation, which feeds our networks. According to a military expert, the Russians are busy transporting equipment and building a substation in order to switch it completely to the southeast.

“The Vice Prime Minister of Russia said that “if Ukraine wants it, we will sell electricity to it.”

“The “Wishlist” of the Russian leadership is huge. Therefore, the questions of their management at the station are a matter of time, until the moment of her dismissal. So let them want, let them try, and when we return the station under our control, we will restore everything as it was and as it should be,” Zhdanov summed up.

Recall that the occupiers continue to shell the ZNPP. On August 6, they fired at the station’s site, where the dry storage of spent nuclear fuel is located. The Russians are threatening the West with a nuclear holocaust and are trying to reduce the desire of Western countries to provide military assistance to Ukraine.

The Office of the President believes that the IAEA and the UN should demand that Russia withdraw from the nuclear power plant. On August 7, President Zelensky of Ukraine discussed with President of the European Council Charles Michel the situation at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. The head of state asked to impose sanctions on the Russian nuclear industry.

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