Oleg Zhdanov: Putin needs half a year to “rest” and attack Ukraine again

Kremlin leader Putin needs half a year to “rest” and attack Ukraine again. The Führer will not wait eight years to invade our country again – he does not have time for that.

Putin has no time for a long pause in the war against Ukraine. He can take half a year for a “rest”.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov reported this on TSN

“If we agree to negotiations today, it will be a postponed war. Putin will not drag on for eight years, as was the case after Minsk-2. He will do it much faster. Moreover, today the military machine in the Russian Federation is ramped up, the system of hidden mobilization is working, and they are trying to transfer the economy to military lines. Putin needs a “rest” for six months – a maximum of a year,” Oleg Zhdanov emphasized.

According to him, the second chance for Ukraine is to prove its independence and defeat the Russian army.

We will remind that Russia plans to annex a fifth part of Ukraine in mid-September.

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