Oleg Zhdanov: There is a chances of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to liberate two regions before winter

Well-known military expert Oleg Zhdanov considers it realistic to liberate Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions from Russian invaders before winter.

He expressed his opinion on this matter on the YouTube channel.

Of course, it’s realistic. It’s realistic to finish the active phase of the war before winter. Everything will depend on the supply of weapons, how much they will give us

Oleg Zhdanov
Kherson. Explosion.

If the armament comes in hundreds of units and will have several hundred artillery, a tank, armored vehicles … Then yes, I think we can actually form a new army with Western weapons, trained according to Western methods and start a counter-offensive operation

Oleg Zhdanov

He is sure that the Kherson region will be the first to be liberated:

Judging by the situation at the front, the situation is developing in our favor.

Oleg Zhdanov

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