Oleg Zhdanov: Ukraine has destroyed another myth about the Russian army

According to the expert, explosions at airfields will affect not only the image of the Russian army but also Russian society.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov believes that by striking Russian airfields, Ukraine has completely destroyed another myth about the invincible Russian army.

As he stated on the air of Apostrophe TV, these incidents proved that the story of the Russian Federation about the “most durable and most impregnable” air defense also turned out to be a fake.

“In principle, we completely destroyed another myth. If at the beginning of the war, Russia boasted that it had the “second army in the world,” then I remind you that Russia has always emphasized that they have the strongest and most impregnable air defense in the world. But it so happened that there were explosions,” Zhdanov said.

According to the expert, explosions at airfields will also affect Russian society and may also create anti-war sentiments within the Russian Federation.

“Indeed, such explosions, and at such a depth from the border with Ukraine, form public opinion in terms of the fact that “this is not our war and there is no need to intervene”, and frighten the population, create anti-war sentiments. But still, support for this war remains quite high in Russian society. They count in such a way that there is a regular army somewhere. They are not told that it is already gone, that army is almost gone. Let it fight, we support it, but we will not go to war ourselves. Approximately moods are being formed in Russian society today,” Zhdanov explained.

  • On December 5, an explosion occurred at the Russian airfield “Engels”, located in the Saratov region of the Russian Federation. Unknown drones attacked the strategic aviation of the invaders. On the same day, explosions also occurred at the Dyagilevo airfield in the Ryazan region.
  • Military expert of the Institute of Euro-Atlantic Cooperation Igor Koziy did not rule out that a large number of aircraft were destroyed in Russia due to the explosion. Therefore, in his opinion, the Russian Federation, after that, will simply try to move everything and hide it.
  • Later it became known that at least 9 bombers disappeared from the parking lot at the Dyagilevo strategic aviation airfield in the Ryazan region. We are talking about the Tu-22M, as well as the aircraft damaged by the explosion.

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