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Main War — Mark Feygin: China suddenly turned into an equal partner of the West - the collective West, it's not just the United States, it's all together


Mark Feygin: China suddenly turned into an equal partner of the West - the collective West, it's not just the United States, it's all together

27 Mar, 2023
Mark Feygin: China suddenly turned into an equal partner of the West - the collective West, it's not just the United States, it's all together

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Russian opposition politician, lawyer Mark Feygin in an interview on the Espresso TV channel, spoke about the results of Xi Jinping's visit to Moscow.

"Two important conclusions (there are more of them, of course, but there are two central ones), can be arrived at from the visit. China achieved its strategic goals in relation to Russia: it received Russia as a raw materials appendage, it managed to outline a plan for expansion - economic, and then another. It is too early to talk about the legal form of this expansion. This was manifested both in the public and secret agreements that took place, this is quite obvious.

The statement that a treacherous pro-Chinese party headed by Putin is now in power in Russia is no longer vague rhetoric, a conversation about nothing, like it seems to you, who is pro-Western and who is pro-Chinese. No, this is already a statement.

Now the second part of the results of this visit. It consists of China laying claim to its great geopolitical role as an international mediator and peacemaker. Of course, this is a feigned quality. Meanwhile, the day before, a few weeks ago, an agreement was signed between Tehran and Riyadh - old bitter enemies, and China did not forget to say: it was we who reconciled the Shiites and Sunnis. In my opinion, this is in advance, in the East agreements do not cost much. All this talk that this is forever, that there are no longer any contradictions between Tehran and Saudi Arabia, everything is written in the water with a pitchfork. But China liked this status, Xi Jinping liked to decide the fate of the world in different regions, in different parts of the world. And he decided to parasitize on this story - in the sense that if he manages to present himself further in this capacity, then everyone will turn to China for solving all international problems as a mediator since it influences Moscow, in particular. By the way, he also had an almost decisive influence on Iran in this matter. And it will work.

Because even on the eve of the visit, without even setting a date, the Chinese side stated that it would be about peace in Ukraine. Because the rest of the issues have long been resolved - the self-liquidation of Russia's political subjectivity has long been decided, there is nothing to talk about, it remains to fix what specific forms this will take. At one time, the West India Company owned Hindustan - the colonial policy of the British Empire looked like this. Or some other - this is already a technique, it will be decided somehow.

If Russia voluntarily chooses the side of China, this is a matter. I am not going into details now, the authorities have chosen this, the people there are not subjective. The authorities keep an entire nation of 140 million in a dictatorial leash. As for weapons, it's really a different story. Everyone predicts that the confrontation is already direct, even military, between China and the West somewhere along the horizon. But the supply of weapons to Russia from China in any form, so it will be clear that this is a Chinese resource, will bring this line closer. Is China ready for this? I'm still determining. China is preparing for a global confrontation, of course. But to start it right now - we understand the consequences of Beijing's involvement in the war on the side of the aggressor, this is a violation of international law. It is possible to supply Ukraine with weapons, because its sovereignty has been violated, its territory has been occupied - this is provided for by the UN Charter, the guarantor of which is also Beijing, since it is among the 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council. Is he ready to violate international law? Are you ready to sever economic ties with Europe and America, which are decisive for the intensive development of China and the growth of its economy? 850 billion turnovers with the USA and the same with Europe. And here they triumphantly declare: 185 billion dollars with Russia. But what kind of quality? Here are raw materials, and there are technologies. Therefore, it is still a big question how China is generally ready to exchange these things."

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The Odessa Journal

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