Oleg Zhdanov: Will there be a new wave of mobilization in Ukraine?

According to the expert, the conscripted servicemen will not be mobilized until the end of the war.

The mobilized Ukrainian servicemen will fight to the bitter end. There will be no new wave of mobilization in Ukraine.

This statement was made by military expert Oleg Zhdanov, answering the question of when the drafted military personnel are expected to be demobilized. According to him, in Ukraine, there is no such thing as “waves” of mobilization.

“We have called up and mobilized a sufficient number of people. Now the Ministry of Defense or the General Staff is conducting a “recharge”. That is, they are calling up the necessary number of people with the required specialties… As I understand it, the system is fine-tuned in such a way that the Armed Forces have enough people; only pre-mobilization is needed “. – said the expert.

According to Zhdanov, the conscripted servicemen will fight until the war’s end.

But this does not mean that they have been in battle, in a trench, on the front line for all nine months. The farther from the beginning, the more organized the rotation of troops on the front line works. Also, the Verkhovna Rada at the legislative level introduced vacations of up to 10 days for each serviceman “, he added.

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