Oleg Zhdanov: Why the Kremlin desperately needs a truce with Ukraine

The Russian army in Ukraine is threatened with the loss of combat capability, said the Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Kremlin desperately needs a ceasefire in Ukraine since Russia’s losses during the war in the Ukrainian state exceed the ability to supply resources to replenish them.

The number of occupiers in our country may decrease, and the Russian army will lose its combat effectiveness, said military expert, colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in reserve Oleg Zhdanov on the air of the telethon.

The colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said that “the Kremlin is in dire need of a truce, a ceasefire.”

“Because the number of losses today exceeds … the possibility of supplying resources to replenish them. And this difference will grow more and more. And this means that the army will decrease on the territory of Ukraine, and if it decreases, it will lose its combat effectiveness … losses will increase, and we will carry out counter-offensive operations in those areas where there will be a decrease in the combat effectiveness of Russian troops … “, the expert explained.

“That is why Peskov is shouting from all channels today that Russia is ready for negotiations, namely, to negotiate the terms of the Russian Federation. They are no longer in a position where they can set any conditions. And the situation is developing so that now it is categorically disadvantageous for us to negotiate. Because the scales are tipped in our direction of military success.”, said Oleg Zhdanov.

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