Olena Zelenska: The war is always too long, even when it lasts one day

First Lady Olena Zelenska gave an interview to South Korean TV company Channel A. She thanked the Republic of Korea for its support and emphasized the need for continued global assistance to our country.

“To fight back, you need to have weapons. Otherwise, you can die. We also need help to restore human capital, infrastructure, houses, schools, kindergartens, because war is not only a frontline, it is also an economic crisis and a humanitarian catastrophe. I think everyone who wants to help will find an opportunity,” the First Lady said.

The President’s wife also answered the question of what she would say to those who think the war is far away: “This is not a gladiatorial fight that can be watched from the stands. The battle can spill over to the “stands” at any moment.”

Olena Zelenska emphasized that Ukraine, more than any other country in the world, strives to end the war: “The war is always too long, even when it lasts one day. We are waiting for its end every day. But it also depends on the support of the world.”

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