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Where to drink craft beer in Odessa?

04 Nov, 2020
Where to drink craft beer in Odessa?

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Gone are the days when you had to choose just between bitter and lager at the pub. Today, with the craft beer revolution in full swing and with no sign of slowing, there’s never been a better time to be a beer lover.

The world of craft beer is another niche in the market where authenticity is prevalent. For millennials, brewers produce many unique varieties of hop drink, using traditional methods of brewing, local ingredients, while maintaining environmental friendliness.

Check our craft beer guide and cheers!

Odd Brew Taproom

In 2017, a new mini-brewery “Odd brew” began to operate in Odessa. Brewing like all craft beers in a traditional way that takes time, patience, and most importantly experience, the Oddbrew team has gone from enthusiastic home brewing to industrial production, integrating flavours and profiles from different.

Here they constantly experiment with new recipes, each different from the previous one in taste, strength and aroma. You can try: Pils Of Sun, variations of pilsner, with different varieties of hops and pleasant bitterness; Memas Coconut Cream Ale, a top-fermented beer brewed in the style of Cream Ale, where coconut flakes are added in the last stages for a woody note. There are also non-standard options such as Odd Brew Malinastisch, a sour and salty beer - gose. It uses sea salt for cooking and fresh raspberries for fermentation. There is also a new beer for many: Barleywine, introduced by Odd Brew Gevolt, a strong beer with more pronounced bitterness. For lovers of very dark: White Rabbit Shadow Black IPA. It's Black IPA style, well hopped, bitter and will impress hop lovers. With lime zest, tropical fruits and grapes, with mango and passionfruit puree, and the Black Sea Gale deserves special attention. This variety was created in collaboration with the Rebrew brewery.

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Mash Taproom - Craft Beer & Coffee

Mash Taproom is a real craft gastropub in the very center of Odessa. By visiting the institution, you risk falling in love with this atmosphere. You will find a wide range of Ukrainian craft beer and beer of world brands, unique dishes of Scandinavian cuisine and aromatic coffee.

Today the bar has 12 taps from the most interesting Ukrainian and foreign breweries. More than 100 types of imported craft from the world's leading breweries included in RateBeer TOP-100

In "Mash Taproom" events are constantly held: foodpairings, bottle sharing, beer coups and blind tastings. Here you will definitely not be bored, you are guaranteed to have a great time with friends.

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Hoppy Hog Family Brewery

You don't need to be an expert to understand that everyone involved in this project is eager to share their final product, share details and talk about various beer topics.

A woman brewer is a very rare phenomenon in craft culture. As soon as you taste a beer brewed by a woman, you will immediately feel that amount of love, tenderness and creativity. The mother in the Symonenko family is not only the author of most beer recipes, but also brews incredible varieties with lavender, ginger, rosemary, lemon - this list is still very long ...

One step in the development of craft beer is its availability. First of all, the opportunity to buy it in different locations. Now Hoppy Hog are available in online stores beerfreak.org, velobeer.shop, Beer Club in Odessa, Mir Piva, Papa.Pivo, Budu.Pivo, Pivoteka Beer Bank, The Dealer bottle shop.

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Zёzя Brewery

Minibrewery «ZEZЯ» was founded in 2016 by two beer-loving pals, Serge and Val. After couple of years being loft home brewery hobby, friend decided to develop a mini brewery plant to expand the scope of beer admires in Odessa, modestly keeping in minds the cherished dream to revive and glory lovely Odessa homeland back to a fame of brewery host place like it was in 1890 by Wilhelm Sancebaher the founder of Odessa brewery 130 years ago.

As very often happens, at the outset of activity they had been brewing in the home attic, right after work was over. Relatives and close friends of the beginner brewers were the first tasters of the results of sleepless nights. For 2 years we have been experimenting with a small 50 liter brewing system until finally deciding to step up. We found and renovated firm-quality Hungarian equipment, brought it into compliance with Ukrainian quality standards, certified it, and after 8 months of passing through bureaucratic labyrinth we got that much demanded brewery license.

In total, during the existence of the brewery, more than 30 unique types of beer have been brewed here: with ginger, quince, buckwheat, honey, oranges, linden blossom and many others. The most successful ones are brewed in large containers of half a ton each and sold throughout Ukraine. For some, like the signature buckwheat ale, there is a queue for pre-order.

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Odessa Private Brewery

Odessa private brewery produces live beer brewed according to the Bavarian law on the purity of beer from 1516. The first brew took place in August 2004. All beer is not filtered and not pasteurized.

They deliver beer to bars and restaurants in our city every day in 10-liter kegs. The small volume of the keg is specially selected to make the beer the freshest. The difference between their beer and others is technology. This is an old, nowhere used infusion method of brewing beer.

Due to the interest in the products, the brewery itself has expanded in recent years. Beer can be purchased directly from the brewery always from 9.00 to 21.00

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The Odessa Journal

The Odessa Journal

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