Ombudsman on the fate of those deported to Russia: Survive as they can

Ukrainians deported to the Russian Federation, whose Ukrainian documents were taken away by the Russians, will soon be able to obtain new ones through the consular offices of Switzerland on the territory of the aggressor country.

Ukrainians deported to Russia undergo a “filtering” procedure and are kept in inhuman conditions.

Dmitry Lubinets, Commissioner for Human Rights of the Verkhovna Rada, spoke about this on the air of a nationwide telethon 1 + 1.

“Ukrainians deported to Russia are undergoing a “filtration” procedure. Filtration camps have been created, and this is one of the latest violations of the Geneva Conventions and international law,” the Ombudsman said.

He stressed that civilians could not undergo such procedures when civilians are settled in unsuitable places and families are separated.

According to the representative of the BP, the Russians keep men separately, women and children separately. Then, interrogations are carried out simultaneously and the data are compared.

“As the families said, if there are no questions from the Russian Federation, then people are let in, if they have questions, then, unfortunately, parents are often arrested, and children are sent to the territory of the Russian Federation. It’s good when at least one of the parents is let through, usually the mother,” says Lubinets.

Also, the invaders are looking for Ukrainians related to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, especially since 2014, law enforcement officers, and judges.

“We have a lot of appeals when relatives do not know what happened to their arrested relatives,” the Commissioner for Human Rights said.

According to the Ombudsman, Ukrainians deported to the Russian Federation are not provided with any conditions; people survive as they can. Often Ukrainian documents are taken away from them.

“Now we are straining two mechanisms: the first is that the Foreign Ministry is talking with the Swiss Embassy so that the Swiss provide consular services for our citizens. Also, for our citizens who lost their documents, so they were taken away by representatives of the Russian Federation, we have developed legal practice. As an ombudsman, I have the right to apply to the Ukrainian court in the interests of citizens to restore documents if they cannot do it on their own,” Lubinets explained.

For example, for the first time under such a program, documents were made for a child in Mariupol. The Ombudsman’s Office handed over the document through volunteers, and based on this document, the family, together with the child, left through the territory of the Russian Federation for Europe.

“Now we are working on such appeals. Why did I mention the aspect of consular services in Switzerland, we are working on transferring such documents through them so that our citizens leave the Russian Federation,” the Ombudsman summed up.

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