Operational Command “South”: During the day, Ukrainian troops defeated 90 targets at enemy positions

In the south, Ukrainian troops in a day defeated 90 targets at enemy positions and eliminated 20 invaders.

According to Vladislav Nazarov, spokesman for the Operational Command “South”, on the line of contact in the Kherson and Mykolaiv regions, the enemy has no advances from their positions.

“On the other hand, the occupiers are already using the classic forms of hybrid warfare. The so-called “press tour” of Russian and foreign media from Rostov-on-Don is being prepared with a visit to Kherson, Novaya Kakhovka, Skadovsk, Armenian where a meeting with the appointed occupation collaborators is planned, as well as demonstration of fake evidence that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are shelling civilians,” he said.

According to Nazarov, the occupiers continue the insidious practice of falsification when they leave their own positions in the village, withdraw equipment in the direction of our positions and hit civilians, and after returning to the village they say that they carried out shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“But such fakes have long been known and do not convince the invincible Kherson residents. They understand that the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not hit the civilian population,” the spokesman of the command emphasized.

He added that Ukrainian rocket and artillery units, in cooperation with aviation, have defeated 90 targets at enemy positions during the current day.

As a result, 20 Russians, two self-propelled gun mounts, an automobile and armored vehicles were confirmed destroyed. The final losses are being specified,” Nazarov noted.

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