Orban at a closed meeting with supporters, announced the collapse of the EU in the near future

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban made a pro-Russian speech. In particular, he announced the collapse of the European Union until 2030 and that “Muslim migrants” will become the majority of the French population. This happened at a closed meeting of the politician with his supporters in the village of Kötcse.

It is reported by Radio Svoboda.

Orban also said he would oppose a further extension of EU sanctions against Russia. According to the politician, he is alone in his opinion regarding anti-Russian restrictions but expressed hope for a change of power in Italy.

Orban is convinced that the European Union is “shooting itself in the foot” by imposing sanctions against the Russian Federation. In particular, he believes that because of this, “up to 40% of the industry will stop in Europe” in winter.

The Hungarian Prime Minister said, “there is no leader in Europe who recognizes the continent’s interests and acts accordingly, and can convince others of this.” In his opinion, earlier, such a leader was Angela Merkel.

Orban also spoke about Russia’s war against Ukraine. He stated that “the war was local, but the West intervened.” He predicts the continuation of hostilities until 2030, as a result of which Ukraine will allegedly “lose a third or half of its territories.”

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