Pavlo Klimkin: Russian elites and security forces are considering Putin’s “personal reset”

The process of confrontation between the dictator and his entourage is inevitable, the diplomat is sure.

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has turned into a geopolitical bandit. It is no longer appropriate to equate him and Russia. The Russian elites and security officials are aware of this and can go for a “personal reset” of the first person.

As the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin said in an interview with OBOZREVATEL, Putin has finally lost any “red lines” concerning Ukraine. In the Russian Federation, they already doubt that “Putin is Russia.”

The power bloc and the Russian elites are aware of the inevitable changes in the Russian Federation and are preparing for decisive action.

“The question is how they will act, but at some point, they will act because they are losing Russia, which they also built with Putin. Then in Russia, they will understand that a personal reset is the only way to start somehow talking to the West again,” he concluded.

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