Pentagon officials have not identified cases of the resale of Western weapons in Ukraine

A team of specialists checked several supply chains and weapons storage sites.

Photo: Associated Press

US officials have not found that Ukraine is reselling or misusing Western weapons.

This is stated in a statement by Pentagon Speaker Patrick Ryder, reports AFP.

He noted that a team of specialists, consisting of staff from the Office of the Defense Attache of the US Embassy in Kyiv, had verified the supply of weapons and their storage in several locations.

He noted that the inspectors did not detect the diversion of US security aid to Ukraine.

Ryder also said that special authorities operate in Ukraine that monitor the movement of weapons from the border to the front line, and also provide reports on damage and losses.

  • Earlier the military-political observer of the Information Resistance group Aleksandr Kovalenko said that Kremlin propaganda is spreading fakes that supposedly the Ukrainian military “sell Javelin and NLAW ATGMs, Stinger MANPADS on the black market.”

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