Andrey Piontkovsky: The collapse of the Russian Federation has already begun

The head of Chechnya threatened to “reach” Odessa and criticized the Russian military, but he is just trying to protect himself, the expert believes.

Russian publicist Andrei Piontkovsky explained the strange statements of the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, who called the situation in the Kharkiv region “interesting” and threatened to reach Odessa. In fact, he feels that the collapse has begun in the Russian Federation; therefore he is trying to protect himself, the expert believes.

Piontkovsky shared this opinion in an interview with the Groshi project.

“Kadyrov’s antics are not accidental, the expert noted. The head of Chechnya understands that after the failure of the Russian Federation in the war against Ukraine, the bloody dictator will be the first to suffer. And after him, the hour of reckoning will also come for Kadyrov. The FSB of the Russian Federation tried to “set up” the head of Chechnya with the murder of oppositionist Boris Nemtsov, while Putin himself could hardly solve those problems. After that, the dictator stopped trusting the FSB,” Piontkovsky noted, because he created “his own personal support” for himself – the National Guard.

“Kadyrov knows that if Putin leaves, the Russian security forces will simply kill him. He understands that the war is leading to Putin losing power. And it will benefit the security forces to dump failures on someone. And they will immediately deal with Kadyrov,” the publicist believes.

Many experts, Piontkovsky noted, have long been discussing the inevitable consequences of defeat for Russia. All these consequences will lead to the disintegration of the aggressor country.

“The collapse of the Russian Federation starts with Kadyrov. With a series of his contradictory statements,” Piontkovsky said. “With his statements, Kadyrov shows “disobedience to the authorities” and tries to prove that he is allegedly “on his own.” According to the publicist, this is how the head of Chechnya wants to show that he will fight and “cover” himself with “Kadyrovites.”

“The collapse of Russia began from the weakest link – from Chechnya, which de facto has not been a member of the Russian Federation for 15 years already. And this is an important indicator for Moscow,” the expert added.

He also explained what Kadyrov’s statements mean that he has 10,000 militants whom he can send to war. In fact, Piontkovsky believes this is how he wants to say that he will defend himself and hide in Chechnya, hiding behind the very same militants. Kadyrov simply showed Moscow his strength; allegedly he and Putin agreed on everything and that if there is no dictator, he would be “on his own,” the publicist summed up.

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