Platfor.ma released a book about 50 main symbols of Ukraine’s struggle in a full-scale war

Ukraine: 50 symbols of resistance. A book about personalities, events and even memes of our struggle

This book tells 50 stories. Each of them, in one way or another, touched the whole country of Ukraine. Some boosted public morale, such as the Ghost of Kyiv or the route of the cruiser Moskva. Others provided entertainment even in the toughest days of a full-scale war — like tractor troops or stand-up comedians in bomb shelters. Many shocked the whole world with their tragedy. But all these 50 symbols have become part of our history. Ukraine: 50 symbols of resistance takes a close look at the important images, events, personalities, and even memes that emerged from this war.

The text for each chapter was supplemented with illustrations by Maria Kinovich.

The last chapter in the book is dedicated to the future victory, which will surely come, the Platfor.ma team says.

“We wrote this book during the second half of 2022 — the most difficult year in Ukraine’s history. While compiling it, we witnessed the addition of new symbols to the list, which accompanied not only the pain of war, but also hope and even triumph. To foster a Ukraine that creates even more symbols of resistance, we will donate 100% of the profit from book sales to charity. Buy Ukraine: 50 symbols of resistance, read it yourself, and give it as a gift to Ukrainian and foreign friends — so that the whole world will remember how we forged our shared path to victory.”

The print run of the book is only 1000 copies. Two hundred of them will be given to opinion leaders and politicians who, according to Platfor.ma, contributed to the Ukrainian resistance. The remaining 800 books can be purchased online at the My Bookshelf bookstore.

The cost of one copy is UAH 800. Platfor.ma will donate 100% of book sales to several charitable foundations: “Children of Heroes”, “Solomyan Cats”, “Hearts of the Future”, Let’s Help, and the Center for Social Projects of the Future, which takes care of animals in Mykolaiv and Kharkiv zoos.

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