Podolyak named the tasks of Ukraine in the war against Russia

Protecting Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity is one of many tasks seen in the Office of the President.

Ukraine must not only defeat Russia in the war, but also punish Russian war criminals and deprive the Russian Federation of the opportunity to further intimidate its neighbors. Adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, Mykhailo Podolyak, in a comment to the Freedom TV channel stated this.

“There are no other options for us if we want to keep the state of Ukraine on the world map,” says Podolyak.

According to the war results, he called the punishment of Russian war criminals who managed to fight in many countries of the world and committed numerous war crimes there as another task of Ukraine following the war.

Meanwhile, according to Podolyak, Russia has no choice but to go to the end. The adviser noted that over the past decades, the Kremlin has tried to play on the intimidation of opponents and sell the world the reputation of “be afraid of us.”

“Now this reputation has been completely reset. And if they lose all their technologies for influencing other countries, the era of terrible post-Soviet Russia will end. Then they will be among the third-rate countries,” Podolyak believes.

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