“Postcard” to the occupiers. The Finnish MP ordered an inscription on a Ukrainian artillery shell

The head of the Finnish parliamentary committee on foreign affairs, Jussi Halla-aho, ordered an inscription on the artillery shell of the defenders of Ukraine. This is reported by the Finnish Yle.

Some 700 people in Finland have used the SignMyRocket service. Image: SignMyRocket.com

The SignMyRocket service allows you to put any inscription on the projectile. It was created by volunteers who collect funds to help the Armed Forces. According to the volunteers, they collected about 1 million euros in total. The service representative, Anton Sokolenko, said that in the first place, in terms of the number of donations, are citizens of the United States and Finns in second place.

Placing a message on the side of an artillery shell costs at least 200 US dollars. Image: SignMyRocket.com

A Finnish MP said he bought the inscription on Facebook in response to a discussion about “demonizing the enemy” in the Helsingin Sanomat newspaper.

Anton Sokolenko of the SignMyRocket NGO told Yle that this text, translated as ”Ile says hello” cost about 5,000 US dollars. Image: SignMyRocket.com

“The war only ends when so many Russian soldiers have been killed that it becomes politically or militarily impossible for the Russian rulers to continue the war. So killing Russian soldiers is a good thing, and Ukrainians should be helped to kill them,” he said.

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