Preparing for an explosion of infrastructure: the authorities of Kherson revealed the plan of the invaders

The Russian invaders are preparing for street fighting in Kherson and have mined critical infrastructure facilities.

Galyna Lugovaya, head of the Kherson city military administration, told about this on the air of the FREEDOM telethon.

“Most likely, the occupants will not surrender the city just like that. Because a lot of infrastructure facilities are mined today. And, most likely, they are preparing for street battles. … They will not surrender without a fight. And, of course, they will most likely be blown up mined infrastructure facilities,” Lugovaya said.

The head of the Military administration notes that the invaders “do not plan to stay, but drag out time as much as possible.”

“The fact that they are leaving and will leave. It is evidenced by the fact that at the moment, practically all property has been taken out of Kherson. Our purchased buses have left, and Kherson residents have not yet had time to travel around the city on them. All property has been taken out of the shipyard, from the winery, all property was taken out of the municipal enterprise “Kherson Water Company”. We also received information that the occupiers had removed all the equipment from the Kherson Gas enterprise,” Lugovaya said.

She did not specify which infrastructure facilities were mined.

Earlier, the adviser to the head of the Military administration, Sergei Khlan, said that the Russian military was mining fields on the outskirts of Kherson.

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