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25 Ukrainian scientific startups received $125 thousand support

06 Apr, 2023
25 Ukrainian scientific startups received $125 thousand support

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In March, the Innovation Development Fund, together with GIST (Global Innovation through Science and Technology initiative) in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, held Science&Business - GIST Pitch Days as a result of which 25 Ukrainian startups won grants for a total of $125,000.

Science & Business–GIST Pitch Days is a competition for scientists and entrepreneurs with ready-made science-intensive solutions to represent startups and provide financial support to the best teams of innovative projects of $5 thousand.

"We have been working with GIST partners for 3 years, developing cooperation with scientific and educational institutions, where new ideas and inventions are generated. Our goal is to support and develop progressive solutions, technological products and services of Ukrainian teams, commercialization of high-quality efforts of innovative entrepreneurs for the recovery and development of Ukraine, as well as presentation and scaling of products on global markets," says the director of the Foundation, Pavlo Kartashov.

The top 40 teams were selected to pitch during online pitches. The first Pitch Day, with a focus on health care, agrotechnology and biotechnology, was held on March 8, the second, aimed at energy, ecology, industry and infrastructure projects, on March 16. According to the competition results, 25 startups won the competition and received support from the event partner GIST for a total of $125,000. Including:

5 projects in the field of Healthcare

  • InTempo – a mobile application with an anti-stress function, a figital game;
  • CheckEye is a cloud-based solution for determining diabetic retinopathy based on fundus photographs using the ML\AI algorithm;
  • Anima – a neurobiological test of mental state;
  • WildfiresUA  – online information on the state of air quality;
  • Health Helper is a device for diagnosing the vascular system.

5 projects in the field of Agricultural & Biotechnology

  • Yes Straws is an innovative technology for processing reed stalks for eco-friendly drinking straws;
  • Foodwise  - food ordering service at reduced prices;
  • Installation of presowing treatment of seeds "Parostok" to increase yield from 15% to 70%;
  • Agrobon:prelude is an agricultural marketplace based on the current Ukrainian digital blockchain platform;
  • Biogenic silver – development of a scheme for obtaining biogenic nanoparticles of a certain shape and properties from biogenic silver nanoparticles for the treatment of bacterial infections as bactericidal agents.

7 projects in the direction of Infrastructure & Industry

  • Zeely is a mobile site builder;
  • INPUT SOFT – software for aviation to determine costs and increase efficiency;
  • Corner – environmentally friendly furniture, developed with the help of our own software and produced in Ukraine;
  • ScanWare – a service for automating data collection and stock control in warehouses;
  • Lego-Eco brick – eco-cubes;
  • Solutions for the use of stone slurry as a filler for the production of cement mortar and bricks;
  • Green Go – products of vegetable origin (analogues of vegetable meat and fish).

8 projects in the field of Energy & Environment

  • MaxAh.LLC is an innovative start-up in the production of li-ion batteries;
  • OptySun is a device for the complete cycle of drinking water preparation, which can be used in the absence of water and electrical communications and does not require consumables for operation;
  • e-waste recycling  – processing of organic waste;
  • Solar Plex is a technology startup that increases the efficiency of photovoltaic panels by lowering their temperature and using excess heat to heat, for example, water;
  • MELT WATER CLUB – unique cleaning products that use freezing technology for water purification;
  • Biotechnology of accelerated processing of organic waste to obtain biofertilizer and purified water;
  • rekava – biodegradable disposable tableware made of coffee grounds;
  • VITERoK is a compact installation, a bladeless generator capable of producing up to 2 kW/h.

Partners of the event are also the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, Blue Lake Accelerator and VC, N1 Ventures, QPDigital, Polish-Ukrainian Startup Bridge.

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The Odessa Journal

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